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Robert Evans

Robert Evans

Documented Evangelical Revivals in Australia up to 1880. NSW, Tasmania, Victoria, South Australia & Qld

This book tells the story of movements of the Holy Spirit in this southern land up to 1880. The various denominations grew as a result of immigration from the British Isles. Most of the Protestant churches were boosted because of the revivals which had occurred in the “Home Lands.” Varying Church growth also flowed from the revivals in Australia.

The early revivals in Australia were mainly Methodist, although the spirit of Evangelicalism was widespread, and the impact of the 1859 Revival was felt by all of the churches. Before about 1860, the records of these revivals have come to us mainly through biographies. After that date, the Wesleyan Methodist denominational newspapers were the main ones which both tell the story, and have survived until the present. The main exception was in South Australia, where both the Primitive Methodists and the Bible Christians were stronger than they were in the other states, and some of their papers have survived.

In this book, these revivals are described, and other observations are included at the end. It is the author’s hope that the accounts of these revivals will not only illuminate Australia’s own history, but will stir Australians to pray for greater movements of the Holy Spirit today, and in the future.

Early Evangelical Revivals

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