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Bill Muehlenberg Culture Watch

On the 8th of November 2008, the National Alliance of Christian Leaders Annual Dinner was held in Canberra, during the time of the National Prayer Breakfast. It brought together Christian leaders from around the nation to discuss what God was doing in and through Australia.

The goal of the NACL is to help bring Australia to Christ by: networking Christian Leaders across Australia; helping leaders get a renewed sense of commitment to goals; informing leaders of current issues and what Christian ministries are doing throughout Australia; helping Leaders see the big picture and the part they play in the whole of the body of Christ in Australia; and organising events and networking Christian Leaders for these events.

The annual dinner helps to do just that, it has become the highlight of the Christian calendar, and Dr Graham McLennan, Chairman of the NACL is to be congratulated for undertaking this invaluable service on behalf of the Australian Christian community.

The evening was led by Dr McLennan, and featured a wide-range of Christian leaders.

They were, in order of appearance:


Rev Robert Benn, Moderator Presbyterian Church of Australia


Assoc Prof Stuart Piggin Australian Christian Heritage Foundation

Kelvin Crombie with From Exile to Restoration – a history of Australia and Israel

David Yates,  ACL, Compass, Debate Magazine.

David Sharman,  CapernwrayTorchbearers.

Jack Sonnemann, Australian Federation for the Family

Bill Close, Care Outreach

Brian Pickering, Australian Prayer Network

Brett McLeod, CEO Focus on the Family.

Ian Wright. Aust. CEO Barnabas Fund

Rod Hopping, Heritage Film HM

Gary Bates Creation Ministries International

Closing Comments

Bill Muehlenberg, Culture Watch & Summit Ministries.

Closing Prayer

Tom Hallas,  Director Asian Pacific YWAM

It would be hard to pick highlights of the night, as all the speakers were challenging and encouraging. But perhaps mention can be made of a few. Kelvin Crombie showed a short clip from his recent film, From Exile to Restoration, a history of Australian involvement in the nation of Israel. It tells the story of the restoration of the Jewish people to their ancient homeland, and the key roles which Australia played in this process.

Bill Close spoke of his moving work with those in rural Australia, and the amazing things God is doing in the lives of many ordinary men and women of the Australian outback.

Ian Wright shared about the ministry of Barnabas Fund, which works on behalf of the persecuted church around the world. And Gary Bates spoke of what CMI will be doing next year, the 200th anniversary of the birth of Charles Darwin, and the 150th anniversary of his Origin of the Species.

One would have wished the event could have extended all weekend. But Graham is to be thanked for throwing himself into this ministry for over 20 years now, helping Christians from around the nation learn about what God is doing in and through various Christian ministries and outreaches.

God is certainly at work in the Great Southland of the Holy Spirit. Graham and the NACL are to be applauded for the work being done to showcase the amazing grace of God in this very needy nation. We look forward to next year’s dinner with great anticipation.

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