Written by nacl on March 21, 2011 in Previous National Assemblies

by Bill Muehlenberg, NACL Vice Chairman

The NACL has been holding these meetings for as long as the Federal Parliamentary Prayer Breakfast has been running, going back some 25 years now.

Usually held late in the year, because of last year’s Federal election, both were moved up to the end of February this year. Around 75 people attended the Saturday evening dinner, with a number of leaders and lay people from nearly fifty Christian ministries.

Around a dozen leaders gave short talks, highlighting what God is doing in Australia and around the world. Peter Rose began proceedings with a word of prayer and a brief mention about the Parliamentary Christian Fellowship. Ian Cooke then spoke about Al Hayat Arab TV, a ministry reaching Muslims for Christ.

The Arabic term means Life TV, and it is broadcast 24/7 in Australia and New Zealand. Some 1500 converts a week are taking place as a result of this work. The broadcasts are now in Arabic, watched by some 200,000 families, with English broadcasts soon to begin.

John Cronshaw spoke about his work with Christian Fellowship Tours, which offers both Australian and overseas tours for Christian groups. Bev Rankin a director of Fusion Australia spoke about extensive Scripture classes taking place in Orange, NSW, and the near future arrival of evangelist Will Graham there.

Daniel Willis from the NSW Bible Society discussed the Christian Heritage Foundation and the possibility of the construction of a major Christian Heritage Centre in Canberra. Bjorn Schmid of Transforming Sydney spoke of the exciting things God is doing in the city, including working in ten key areas such as education, the arts, politics, the economy, and so forth.

Norm and Barb Miller from the Centre for Internationanl Reconciliation and Peace spoke about the Government of God conferences they have been holding, and the need to apply biblical principle to the various ‘gate-keeper’ spheres of society as well as God’s protection during Cyclone Yasi. Dennis Outred mentioned the National Marriage Week, and how marriage is being promoted throughout the nation, with humble beginnings in Townsville.

Next Lyle Shelton informed us about the ongoing work of the Australian Christian Lobby and the need to work to protect marriage. He noted how they will especially focus on a number of marginal seats prior to the next election.

Hilary Moroney then spoke about the exciting new venture in the nation’s capitol, the Canberra House of Prayer. CHOP was opened that very weekend, and looks to be a powerful source of prayer, worship and intercession for this nation and the entire world.

It is strategically placed in Canberra’s embassy district, and looks to be performing a crucial role in both national and political affairs, as well as in the spiritual realm. Graham McLennan then showed a short promo video on Australia’s Christian Heritage.

Open Doors Australian representative Nigel Rooke discussed this vital ministry to the persecuted church worldwide, and how they bring in Bibles to needy places, and train and encourage the Body of Christ in this area. Peter Kentley then spoke about Christianity in the workplace, and how believers can transform the marketplace for the glory of God.

Warwick Marsh from the Fatherhood Foundation then spoke about the important Canberra Declaration; the Australian bid for the next World Congress of Families in 2013; and a new venture, The Australia We Live To See. Culture Watch‘s Bill Muehlenberg spoke about the homosexual assault on faith and family, and Graham McLennan closed the evening with prayer.

It was an inspiring, challenging and spirit-filled gathering, and we again extend our thanks to the team for their faithful quarter century of endeavour with the NACL. May there be many more successful and edifying dinners to come in years ahead. Graham McLennan, wife Pam, and faithful co-worker Trish Orton are to be thanked for once again turning on a terrific evening with the National Alliance of Christian Leaders dinner. .

Bill Muehlenberg talking at NACL Dinner 2011

Bill Muehlenberg presenting the final message about the homosexual assault on faith and family.

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