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Dr Ern Crocker trained at the University of New South Wales, is an experienced nuclear medicine physician, and the first to practise ultrasound in Australia.

As he reconciled his Christian faith with his understanding of medicine, Dr Crocker became aware that God was working alongside him during an after-hours medical emergency. In this book, Dr Crocker recounts this life-changing encounter with the miraculous power of God, and also presents the testimonies of many other doctors who, like him, have experienced the presence of a “silent partner” as they carry out their medical duties.

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Dr Ernest Crocker is an author, speaker, physician and photographer living in Sydney Australia. His book “Nine Minutes Past Midnight”, published by Authentic Media UK, was released internationally in September 2011. The first printing is now sold out and a second printing will be available the 1st week of February 2012. The book is now available as a German Language translation under the name Wunder Nach Mitternacht.

The book is on sale at Koorong Books.

It is also available as an e-book through Amazon.

Dr Crocker has a particular interest in the way in which the Christian faith impacts the lives of men and women. This grew from a remarkable experience that he had as a young doctor operating an emergency after hours medical service in the winter of 1973 and continues to this present day. His vision: to see lives transformed from the mundane to the extraordinary.

“This is an inspiring and considered reflection that tells the story of one doctor and his many friends. Hear how God leads one man from work in an old pie factory, to work in central China to providing international leadership in his area of medical specialisation. This is an essential read for young doctors, and many others, struggling with the considerable challenge of integrating a passion forĀ  the science of medicine, the art of compassionate holistic care and a love of the God who has created them.”

Dr Michael Burke MBBS, PhD, FRACGP, FAICD
Executive Officer Christian Medical and Dental Fellowship of Australia

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