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MORE than 110 years after a soldier’s Bible first went to war, a young army officer in Afghanistan is the sixth member of his family to carry the sacred heirloom into conflict.

Captain Justin McBurney, 24, keeps the NSW government-issued Soldier’s New Testament by his side at the main base at Tarin Kowt.

The small, fragile book – about as big as a cigarette pack – is wrapped in tissue paper, plastic bags and an ammunition pouch, as Capt McBurney goes about keeping a fleet of surveillance aircraft flying around the clock to keep watch over Diggers.

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The soldier’s war bible

25 April 2012 thetelegraph.com.au

Captain Justin McBurney, 24, speaks from Tarin Kowt in Afghanistan about being the sixth generation of his family to carry this particular diary while at war.


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