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National Day of Thanksgiving 26 May 2012

We are receiving reports from across the nation of exciting initiatives that are taking place evidencing how the National Day of Thanksgiving is being creatively used to bless literally thousands of people by just one simple act of saying “thank you”. Take just these three stories as an illustration of that fact.

News today of a large Christian employer who has purchased ribbons and balloons to be used to say thank you to more than 3,000 employees at gatherings in a number of offices and work places across their numerous locations. The NDOT and the Christian values it represents will be explained to all who receive this small but meaningful token of their employers appreciation.

Combined Churches in a local area are joining together to thank more than 800 workers employed by their local council in areas such as park and road maintenance, rubbish removal and recycling, together with office and other administrative staff employed or contracted by the Council. Groups of Christians will distribute cards, ribbons and morning tea to different workplaces in the Council area. They are being encouraged in their endeavours by Council management (who will also be thanked at a special morning tea) who have said it is a great idea “as our staff never get thanked by the general public they seek to serve”.

At the personal level we have heard of one lady who is planning to distribute mini thank you cards and a single flower to every household in her street to say thank you for the friendly neighbourhood they have created which they all enjoy. There is no limit to the ways that NDOT can be used by individuals, through to large employers and Churches, to express the love of Christ and a spirit of goodwill to a needy world. All it takes is a small dose of initiative and a little bit of energy and you too could make a world of difference to lots of other people.

  • To purchase Thanksgiving cards, ribbons, mini thank you cards or balloons go to your closest Koorong Store or order by writing to info@thanksgiving.org.au. Go to our website at http://www.thanksgiving.org.au/ for images of products, their costs and how to order and pay for them.
  • To order the promotional DVD write to info@thanksgiving.org.au
  • To download posters, Church Kits, School Kits, the NDOT logo, name cards for breakfasts, radio community service announcements, video promotions for use in Sunday services and more, go to Resources page at http://www.thanksgiving.org.au/
  • Dont forget to arrange morning teas for Council Staff, Chaplains or anyone else you want to say thank you to in the week leading up to NDOT.
  • Dont forget to organise the youth in your Church and all able bodied members of your congregation to undertake acts of kindness throughout your community on the NDOT.
  • Dont forget to organise your Australia Worship celebrations on the night of the NDOT.
  • Dont forget to thank those in your congregations who have gone “the second mile” during the past 12 months in Sunday services.
  • Dont forget that Sunday May 27th (Pentecost Sunday) is also a Global Day of Prayer. Join with millions around the world praying for spiritual renewal and evival during your Sunday services.

Monday to Friday in the week leading up to the NDOT on Saturday 26th May 2012

Challenge your congregation to undertake acts of kindness throughout the community during that week. Why not think of ways that you can bless those who serve you, your family and your community throughout the year. People rarely get thanked and you will be surprised at the response you get and the opportunities that will open up to share the Gospel. You only need to take the plunge by demonstrating the Christian values of honour and respect to those who give great service to our communities without hardly ever receiving recognition and thanks.

Saturday 26th May 2012

Hold special breakfasts (at no costs to the guests) to honour those who are leaders within your community especially in the areas of Local Government and Chaplaincy that are the special themes for this year. Invite and involve your local members of Parliament, both Federal and State, your Mayor and local councillors and leaders within the business, commerce, education, health care and other community organisations thus highlighting the importance of saying thank you to a wider spectrum of your local community.

Have your Youth Groups spend the day going throughout the community doing acts of kindness for those in special need of assistance in the community i.e. the aged, infirm, single parent families, special needs etc.

Gather family and friends together for special morning teas or lunches to say thank you to each other for the support that others give to us throughout the year.

At night join with Churches across the nation in “Australia Worships”. Organise a combined Churches gathering in your community to worship, celebrate and give thanks to God for all His goodness to us as a Nation and as His people. We do have so much to thank God for. Sunday 27st May 2012

Let’s remember in our Sunday services to thank God for His great goodness to us but also to use this special Sunday to thank those within our congregations who go the second mile to make our congregation “the best”. Celebrate the National Day of Thanksgiving in your Sunday Children’s programs as a means of teaching them the value of being thankful and the blessing it can bring to others when we remember to thank them.

Source: Australian Prayer Network

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