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The Servitude of a Nation

ACVI is concerned about many Human Rights abuses throughout the world, in particular the genocide occurring in West Papua by Indonesia. Last weekend the Freedom Flotilla to West Papua began its voyage in an unprecedented event of creative resistance to the Indonesian occupation of West Papua.

We feel the acquiescence by the Australian government in this genocide is appalling. Oxford-based exile and activist, Benny Wenda, laments international ignorance. ‘For the last 50 years we have struggled for freedom but nobody knows that West Papua is a prison, that we are slaves to the Indonesian military and that at least 500,000 men and women have been killed in a genocide.

According to Wikipedia the West Papuan conflict has resulted in over 100,000 Papuans displaced with 150 to 400,000 killed in total. In 2013 13,500 refugees lived in exile in PNG.

To read more on the Australian Government policy, or lack of it on the West Papuan Genocide click here. See also especially this link on the culture of impunity.

This is a report on military abuses in the Papuan highlands and the Australian government’s dubious role in its new security treaty with Indonesia & further Indonesian injustice.

We thank the Yale Law School paper and Elizabeth Kendal’s research from Mission Field to Killing Field

General public awareness of Christian persecution is very low in Australia particularly concerning religious freedom both in West Papua as well as many other regions in the world such as the suffering of Coptic Christians in Egypt and Christians displaced in the Syrian Civil war. Please see this Open Doors World Watch List. Between one & two hundred million Christians across the world suffer some form of persecution because of their faith. If that number surprises you, it’s probably because of the massive failure on the part of the media to cover the issue of religious persecution when Christians are the ones targeted.

Particularly since Australia has a seat (2013/14) on the UN Security Council, we therefore advocate a Religious Liberty Commission  similar to the US Commission on International Religious Freedom to heighten awareness of these suffering people, at the hands of totalitarian governments such as North Korea as well as the aim of Islamic movements globally for imposed Sharia Law.

“Religious freedom is central to national and Global security.” USCIRF

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