West Papua Genocide

Apartheid in West Papua. Civilians are led away like slaves after being detained following a peaceful meeting. October 2011 Free West Papua Campaign – Genocide and Human Rights Abuses Who Cares about Australia’s Neighbour? Ever since the invasion of West Papua over fifty years ago, the Indonesian security forces have committed a never ending catalogue of […]

Ravi Zacharias Online Academy for High School and Tertiary Students What is the RZIM Academy Core Module? The Core Module is the centerpiece of the RZIM Academy and the starting point for all participants.  It is entirely online and offers 26 lectures over 12 weeks featuring some of the most experienced and gifted apologists on […]

National Christian Heritage Sunday

Download a brochure for National Christian Heritage Sunday Next year 2019 it will be Sunday Feb 3rd 2019 National Christian Heritage Sunday Brochure      

Open Doors Christian Persecution World Watch List

https://www.opendoors.org.au/persecuted-christians/world-watch-list/View this list of countries on the world persecution watch list…    

Australian Christian Radio app

Download this free app for 24/7 Christian radio.    

Australian Punters Lose $23 billion, Half on the Pokies

Richard Willingham and Benjamin Preiss  SMH 22 August 2016 Australian punters lost nearly $23 billion last year, with a 30 per cent growth in sports betting helping to drive a continued rise in annual gambling losses. New Australian Gambling Statistics figures show Australians lost $1241 per head in 2014-15, with poker machines still the biggest cause of […]

ALP and the Conscience Vote

Senator Joe Bullock’s Resignation from Federal Parliament due to the ALP No Conscience Vote Asked the question at a meeting, “Given your views on same-sex marriage, how can you support the Labor Party?”     Senator Bullock stated in his resignation speech    “…I said a few nice things about the Labor Party and generally […]

Legalise Euthanasia, and Compassionate Society Dies Too

Paul Kelly Editor-At-Large Sydney The Australian 1 October 2016 If you love your parents, respect your children, care for your society and think compassionately about your world then it is time to open your heart and brain to what happens when a jurisdiction legalises killing or, as it is called, euthanasia. The justification for euthanasia lies […]

Rediscovering and Teaching God’s Principles For Blessing All Nations. From Landa Cope, Template Inst

THE ENTIRE BOOK IS AVAILABLE ON LINE AT: http://templateinstitute.com/2011/09/read-the-old-testament-template-book-online/ A brief summary appears below: PART I: INTRODUCTION The Journey This book is dedicated to the study of what the Bible has to say about all of life including government, family, the arts, education, science, communication, economics, and the role of the church. We want to […]

Discipling Nations Resources

Books, DVD’s Links on Discipling the Nations Books, DVD’s Links on Discipling the Nations In  Discipling  the Nations we must fulfill both aspects of the Great Commission, the evangelistic mandate (to redeem man) and the cultural mandate (to redeem the earth). Link: http://providencefoundation.com/store/products.php?section=3&categoryid=12 In Must The Sun Set On The West,  Vishal Mangalwadi, India’s foremost […]

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