The Future of Christian Values in Australia by Rev Dr Gordon Moyes. NACL 2003

Over the past few months, I have been considering those personal qualities and Christian characteristics that we should have in these first decades of the twenty-first century. But first we consider our changing Australia. 1. ADMISSION OF OUR NATIONAL FAILURES. It is refreshing that note that Australians are starting to recognize our failures of the […]

Multiculturalism in Australia by Dr Mark Cooray

“Multiculturalism” is a convenient catchword borrowed from Canadian politics to represent a vague set of ideas which purportedly promotes the cultural and economic interests of certain non-Anglomorph sections of the Australian community. If proponents of multiculturalism are asked to describe the concept it is likely that there will be as many descriptions as there are […]

NACL Assembly 04 Article by Helen Woodall

“The harvest is ready but the laborers are sitting in the pews. They need a good kick in their blessed assurance to get them out into the fields,” said pastor Danny Nallieh of Catch the Fire ministries giving the devotion at the National Alliance of Christian Leaders (NACL) dinner in Canberra on Saturday 4 December. […]

2004 Assembly Speakers List

The following list of speakers highlights the breadth and depth of useful information and networking evident at the National Assembly: Jack Sonneman, Australian Federation for the Family. David Yates. NACL and Chief of staff Australian Christian Lobby.”Discipling Australia Matrix”, an outcome of last year’s NACL National Strategy Summit. Graham McDonald. Children of the World. Children […]

Culture Wars by John Heinenger

The Universal Struggle between Christianity and Secular Humanism. In recent years the denigration and vilification of Bible believing Christians and religious fundamentalists has become a growth industry In Australia the electronic and newsprint media has been largely the facilitator of this attack rather than a moderating voice. A Queensland science teacher informed a student that […]

12 Reasons Why Euthanasia Should Not Be Legalised by Peter James Saunders

1 Voluntary euthanasia is unnecessary because alternative treatments exist. IT IS WIDELY BELIEVED that there are only two options open to patients with terminal illness: either they die slowly in unrelieved suffering or they receive euthanasia. In fact, there is a middle way, that of creative and compassionate caring. Meticulous research in palliative medicine has […]

Almighty God & The Australian Constitution by Dr Graham McLennan (1996)

100 year ago the Bathurst branch of the Australasian Federation League held a People’s Convention. Amongst the League’s Vice Presidents were the Anglican and Catholic Bishops of Bathurst. The local Wesleyan minister was the Convention’s Secretary. The Convention was preceded on the 15th of November by the observation of Federation Sunday, with special church services […]

The Case for Christian Social Involvement by Bill Muehlenberg

Martin Niemoller was a decorated submarine commander in WWI, an ardent nationalist and a pastor in Germany. At first he welcomed the rise to power of Adolf Hitler. Later, however, he realised that Hitler was heading the wrong way, and he became an outspoken critic of Hitler and Nazism. While most churches and church leaders […]

Engaging the Culture by John Whitehead

All too often modern Christians portray Jesus Christ as a meek, harmless friend of the world. But that is not the picture found in the Gospels or the book of Revelation. Far from being passive or meek, Jesus Christ was both controversial and dogmatic. Jesus Christ was not ‘broadminded” nor did he regard multicultural beliefs […]

Australia’s Christian Heritage by Dr Graham McLennan

As Christian leaders we need to reflect on our foundations and recognise the hand of God in the commencement of a Christian nation in the Pacific within reach of the great Asian nations. While many Australians look to a convict past with its fear of authority and feeling of inferiority, rejection, isolation and loneliness, there […] All Rights Reserved ©