Humanism vs. Christianity

The Greatest Battle Of Our Times Robert L. Waggoner Our entire western civilization, which was built on Christian principles, has been in moral decline. In our lifetimes, the social fabric of American society appears to have been unraveling. Christian homes have not been immune to this process of social and moral deterioration. While Christianity may […]

Every household to receive the Bible in their own language in Vanuatu.

Healthcare Christian Fellowship Outreach to Vanuatu Over 1200 patients were treated in the first week of June during the Healthcare Christian Fellowship Medical outreach in Vanuatu in conjunction with the Vanuatu Ministry of Health on the Island of Vanua Lava in the most  isolated Torba Province group of Islands North of Espiritu Santo “The Southland of […]

Healthcare and Evangelism

Dr Graham McLennan Dental Surgeon The annual trip to Vanuatu with Healthcare Christian Fellowship  took place recently to the Island of Tanna with its active Volcano Mt Yasur. We treated 2,000 patients at Lenakel hospital, counselling over 1750 with Steps to Peace with God with a significant response, 469 making first time decisions and  188 […]

Christian doctor reconciles his Christian faith with the science of medicine

Dr Ern Crocker trained at the University of New South Wales, is an experienced nuclear medicine physician, and the first to practise ultrasound in Australia. As he reconciled his Christian faith with his understanding of medicine, Dr Crocker became aware that God was working alongside him during an after-hours medical emergency. In this book, Dr […]

Bible Translation in West Papua

Bible Translation in West Papua on YouTube (10 mins). Very touching as they receive the New Testament in their mother tongue for the first time.

Historical Revisionism in the National Curriculum by Prof Augusto Zimmerman.

Posted: January 3, 2011 by Steve Blizzard in Bill of Rights, Classics, Defence, Education, Eternity, Excellence, Governance, Leadership Originally: The curriculum should ask students to identify the impact of Christianity on the development of human rights and constitutionalism in the West In his extract from THE RELIGIOUS FOUNDATIONS OF MODERN CONSTITUTIONALISM, Professor Augusto Zimmermann […]

Opening of the Federal Parliament of the Commonwealth of Australia

Opening of Parliament of the Commonwealth 9th May 1901 THE PROCEEDINGS Precisely at 12 o’clock His Royal Highness the Duke of Cornwall and York, accompanied by the Duchess of Cornwall and York, and also by their Excellencies the Governor-General and the Countess of Hopetoun, entered the Exhibition Building. The members of the Royal and Vice-regal […]

Australia’s Jubilee and Days of Prayer by Graham McLennan

Christians surround New Parliament House with Prayer on the 7th May 1988. State Circle, ten abreast, for 3.5 kms! This photograph enlarged and framed was presented to Federal Members and Senators during the First National Prayer Breakfast in the Great Hall, October 1988, by Dr. Graham McLennan on behalf of the Executive of the National […]

The Emerging Australian Reformation

Ladies and Gentlemen, I wish you could see what I see. I hope in the next few moments you may get a glimpse. Today, Australia stands on the verge of the greatest and most sustainable reformation of Christian influence in our nation. Not through theology, or modernisation. Nor through technology, or savvy marketing. But rather, […]

The Anzacs and Israel – a common destiny by Kelvin Crombie

Speak about the Anzacs to anyone in Australia and you will invariably receive a totally positive response. Conversely, however, speak about Israel to anyone in Australia and you will receive a whole range of responses, from the very positive to the very negative. This is ironic, for the Anzacs have been one of the major […]