The Origin of Law by Dr David Mitchell

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National Solemn Assembly Canberra 9,10,11 March

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Early Revivals in Australia. Rev Robert Evans. NACL 2004

Documented Evangelical Revivals in Australia up to 1880. NSW, Tasmania, Victoria, South Australia & Qld This book tells the story of movements of the Holy Spirit in this southern land up to 1880. The various denominations grew as a result of immigration from the British Isles. Most of the Protestant churches were boosted because of […]

The Rise and Fall of Nations in Relation to the Glory of God. Mal Garvin. Fusion. NACL1988

In my research and study for the Year of Peace I came across some fascinating work by the great student of civilisation, Arnold Toynbee. He wrote 10 volumes, in his study of civilisation in which he took the Old Testament as his case history. He discovered that it’s not inevitable that history goes In cycles […]

The Constitution – Past & Future by Rev Dr David Mitchell (1988)

Nothing has frustrated our politicians more, nor protected our people so well, over the last 87 years as our constitution. Australians need to understand its strategic role in restraining government power, and in protecting our democratic freedoms. We need to understand its past contribution and the future. For anyone interested in the rich heritage of […]

Australia – Prayer & the Nation by Graham McLennan

“If My people who are called by My name humble themselves and pray, and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, forgive their sin, and will heal their land” – 2 Chronicles 7.14 Prayer has always played a central role in the affairs of our nation. For […]

National Prayer – Biblical Precedents by Dr Graham McLennan

There were numerous National Gatherings in the Old Testament which had ramifications for many years. For instance in 2 Chronicles 34 the nation followed God for a generation. In Nehemiah 8 when they gathered in the capital their repentance led to national reform and restitution of godly traditions. Whether it was in ancient Judah or […]

The Future of Christian Values in Australia by Rev Dr Gordon Moyes. NACL 2003

Over the past few months, I have been considering those personal qualities and Christian characteristics that we should have in these first decades of the twenty-first century. But first we consider our changing Australia. 1. ADMISSION OF OUR NATIONAL FAILURES. It is refreshing that note that Australians are starting to recognize our failures of the […]

Multiculturalism in Australia by Dr Mark Cooray

“Multiculturalism” is a convenient catchword borrowed from Canadian politics to represent a vague set of ideas which purportedly promotes the cultural and economic interests of certain non-Anglomorph sections of the Australian community. If proponents of multiculturalism are asked to describe the concept it is likely that there will be as many descriptions as there are […]

NACL Assembly 04 Article by Helen Woodall

“The harvest is ready but the laborers are sitting in the pews. They need a good kick in their blessed assurance to get them out into the fields,” said pastor Danny Nallieh of Catch the Fire ministries giving the devotion at the National Alliance of Christian Leaders (NACL) dinner in Canberra on Saturday 4 December. […]