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Canberra Declaration Launch

The Canberra Declaration was launched in the Commonwealth Parliament on Friday the 23rd of July at a God and Government Conference where the conference members, from all over Australia and some from overseas,  stood and read aloud together on the basis of Psalm 133 and Habakkuk 2:2, the entire Canberra Declaration, declaring it into Parliament House and into the […]

Does Pornography Increase Violence?

New Scientist scanned article is available after the jump (read more) for you to get the full context of this study. Jack Sonnemann from the Australian Federation for the Family conducted meetings in the ACT recently, where he spoke on the relationship between pornogaphy and violence. Jack’s email is: Jack@Ausfamily.org, phone: 03 62 55 2126, […]

The Origin of Law by Dr David Mitchell

  Download a pdf of this scanned article.

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