Revivals & World View Philosophy. Robert Evans

(a.) What is a World View Philosophy? (b.) Knowledge of God, and Knowledge of the World? (c.) Civilization Depends upon the Quality of its Philosophy. (d.) The Task of Philosophy for a Christian. (e.) Success and Failure in the History of Revivals. Source: Chapter 22 of Early Evangelical Revivals in Australia by Robert Evans. Scroll […]

The Future of the UN

UN Security Council Many around the world tout the United Nations as the only legitimate source of peacemaking in the world today. But sixty years after the organization’s founding and in the wake of a series of high profile political failures and financial scandals, is the United Nations a realistic alternative to the emerging Pax […]

Freedom Ratings of Countries

THE Freedom House 2005 survey (for every country’s civil and political rights) grades each country (from a best of one to a worst of seven) and then simplifies these scores into a broader categorisation of “free”, “partly free” or “not free”. (For example, the US and Australia are “free”; Burma and Cuba are “not free”; […]

Australia’s Christian Heritage

Learn about our Christian heritage and many untold stories of our explorers such as Charles Sturt, Governors such as Governor Macquarie, as well as our Christian understanding of government such as our Commonwealth Constitution. Visit the Christian History Research website to find a range of well-researched and informative documents. Full text versions of Christian history […]