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Why is it that Republicans object to our Christian Constitutional Monarchy because the Queen is a “foreigner”, yet are keen to come under the authority of the UN and its committees with members from such outstanding democracies as Egypt, Cuba and China?

Guy Barnett from Hobart in his submission to the Senate Legal and Constitutional Committee, points out that in the 1990s our Australian Executive Government signed a treaty almost every week (1990:48; 1991:50; 1992:42; and 1993:44). To put this in perspective, from 1901 till 1935 308 treaties were signed (about 9 a year) which may give an indication of the real intent of the framers of the Commonwealth Constitution. According to the Foreign Affairs Department the total number of treaties signed now comes to nearly 2300, although Gareth Evans claims there are only 920. He and his Department differ by 2 1/2 times!

What is the significance of all this? The High Court on 7th April 1995 in its judgement on Minister for Immigration and Ethnic Affairs vs Ah Hin Teoh, clearly stated that ratification of an International Treaty is binding on Australian Law and should influence judges when interpreting statutes and developing the common law. Treaties do not have to be endorsed or ratified by either the Federal Parliament, or any of the State Parliaments, or the Australian People.

The cry for independence and sovereignty from foreigners, who now own 42% of all corporate business in Australia, surely has a hollow ring to it, when the several recent attempts to restrict the External Affairs powers in the Constitution (section 51:XXIX) have been stopped by the present Federal Labour Government. In fact some conventions are virtually signed in secret, e.g., ILO Convention No. 158 ratified hours before the dissolution of the Federal Government on 26th February 1993 relating to termination of employment.

The following conversation took place just over a year ago between Senator Gareth Evans and Senator Rod Kemp in a Senate Committee meeting: Senator Rod Kemp: “I take it (you do not agree with provisions) for a Parliamentary vote to ratify a treaty.” Senator Gareth Evans: “No way, Jose.” Senator Rod Kemp: “That is what we thought. We could not have the people involved at all in this?” Senator Gareth Evans: “Dead right.” (Australian p.17, 23/6/95) Of interest to Christians particularly is the fact that several Christian federal politicians were coerced into uphold-ing an unelected and unrepresentative UN Geneva based committee to override Tasmanian anti-sodomy laws in the Human Rights (Sexual Conduct) Bill. Whilst clarification was given that it didn’t include incest, child pornography, sexual acts with animals, etc.,it will be interesting to see how the courts interpret the words “arbitrary interference with privacy”. There were however a handful of elected members in both houses who could not be intimidated and who voted against the Bill. Only eleven statesmen voted to uphold Christian values and ideals. And these heroic representatives deserve our highest regard. There were seven Senators:E. Abetz, P.H. Calvert, J.J.J. McGauran, J.O.W Watson, R.L.D. Boswell, B. Harradine, and W.G. O’Chee. The four members of the House of Representatives were: R.C. Katter, P.C. Neville, W.E. Truss and A.C.Rocher, who voted in this matter to uphold Biblical morality.

When Margaret Court addressed the National Prayer Breakfast last year she reminded those present that God’s word declares homosexuality to be “an abomination”. It seems God’s affirmations on the matter “offended” some “Christian” Parliamentarians. One Senator walked out in protest. Perhaps they are just party politicians first, and last. Among those who have put Christ before party politics is Johno Johnson, Labor MLC in the NSW Parliament, who opposed party colleagues by openly declaring his opposition to legalised brothels. He asserted that his political ambitions were not important in contrast to upholding what he knew was right. Johno is right! If Christ is not Lord of all our lives, He is not Lord at all.

In conclusion we would value your prayers as God uses NACL to influence events in this great nation. Only with your prayers and financial support can NACL network continue its role as salt in this nation.