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This site features a wide range of articles, links and resources that inform and promote thought about
the relationship between Christianity and the world today.
West Papua Genocide
Australian Christian Radio app
Liberal Churches and Christians and their Morality
Stop Internet Porn
How Protestant Missionaries Developed Democratic Societies
Origins of the Australian System of Law
Humanism vs. Christianity
Healthcare and Evangelism
Historical Revisionism in the National Curriculum
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The Price We Pay for Negligence by Dr Francis A. Schaeffer
“If the majority of Christians persist in their complacency, we will increasingly lose our freedoms".
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Speech on the Rev Richard Johnson
Seven Pillars of Wisdom (NEW)

Dr Graham & Pam McLennan

Tom Hallas: Convenor Asia/Pacific YWAM

Bill Muehlenberg: Culture Watch

Wes Leake: Business Blessings

Trish Orton: Committee Secretary
The History of Why Nations Collapse (NEW)