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This page features recent and archived news stories.
National Christian Heritage Sunday (February 15, 2018)
This event is held on the first sunday of February each year. For details visit www.nchs.net.au
Open Doors Christian Persecution World Watch List (January 25, 2018)
Follow this link to see the list.
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Australian Christian Radio app (October 1, 2017)
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Australian Punters Lose $23 billion, Half on the Pokies (November 4, 2016)
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ALP and the Conscience Vote (November 4, 2016)
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Legalise Euthanasia, and Compassionate Society Dies Too (November 4, 2016)
Paul Kelly Editor-At-Large Sydney
The Australian 1 October 2016

If you love your parents, respect your children, care for your society and think compassionately about your world then it is time to open your heart and brain to what happens when a jurisdiction legalises killing or, as it is called, euthanasia.
The justification for euthanasia lies in human rights, individual autonomy and relieving pain — all worthy ideas, and that may prompt the question: why then is euthanasia still opposed by most nations, most medical professional bodies around the world and the Australian Medical Association?

The reason is not hard to find. It is because crossing the threshold to euthanasia is the ultimate step in medical, moral and social terms. A polity is never the same afterwards and a society is never the same. It changes forever the doctor-patient bond. It is because, in brutal but honest terms, more people will be put at risk by the legislation than will be granted relief as beneficiaries…
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Listen up, Corporate America: Nathan Mellor at TEDxOU
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Neil Armstrong’s Communion on the Moon
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