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NACL Major Involvements

While individual organisations and churches affiliated with the alliance are each engaged in their own respective activities and ministries, the National Alliance For Christian Leadership has drawn such groups and individuals together on a national scale on issues of universal and national importance, both to the Christian community and the Australian public generally. Among issues widely pursued by NACL and affiliated bodies were the following.

The Bill of Rights

Organisations affiliated with the National Alliance of Christian Leaders played a decisive role in the defeat ‘ of the discredited Bill of Rights. Not only were Australians and political and religious leaders informed of the dangerous procedural and ill-defined contents of the Bill, based on UN covenants largely compiled by communist and third world dictatorships, but people were also warned of the far reaching religious and social engineering outgrowths of the Bill. In addition to having one of the worlds foremost Human Rights authorities brought to Australia, over 15,000 Christian and community leaders were contacted by affiliated groups. The consequence of this nation wide campaign brought a flood of letters of protest to Federal Parliament, such that the corridors of parliament house were literally stacked with mailbags.

The Australia Card

The National Alliance for Christian Leadership also played a significant role in warning Politicians, Christians and other Australians about the dangerous orwellian styled agenda underlying the Australia card. Affiliated organisations not only widely distributed material outlining the Big Brother and intrusive mindset underlying the Australia Card, but also supported other groups by helping to organise public rallies for members of parliament and privacy bodies working against the Australia Card. The Card legislation was dropped following the discovery of a serious flaw In the Act that necessitated further Senate approval that would be withheld.

The Constitutional Amendments

The National Alliance for Christian Leadership also closely monitored developments associated with proposed Constitutional changes, in the knowledge that our peoples constitution restrained government power and provided the necessary checks and balances and division of powers essential to a true democracy.

The constitution is the only protection Australians have against growing centralised government power and control, and against the Intrusive international sociological agenda underlying many United Nations Covenants and Treaties. Many of which are specifically formulated to subvert national independence and sovereignty.

The National Executive of NACL became concerned at the way the external powers aspect of the Constitution was being used to serve internal political ends, and the drift towards a political mindset that sought to change the Constitution, “reinterpret” It, or simply Ignore it. Having been counseled by human rights authorities, and informed Constitutional lawyers and Barristers, the alliance resolved to oppose all changes proposed by the federal government.

A Constitutional Convention was held by the alliance in the National Capital on the day following the first reading of the Acts concerning proposed changes. Following a lengthy evaluation of the Acts, the alliance resolved to actively campaign against these changes, outlining precisely why a NO vote must be canvassed on all four proposals. A constitutional committee was appointed to direct activities and to provide relevant information to the public, and to inform political and community leaders.

The National Gathering

Australia’s foremost Christian organisations and churches were involved in the NATIONAL GATHERING at Canberra to celebrate the opening of the new Parliament House. The National Alliance For Christian Leadership joined with Fusion, Youth With a Mission, and the International Ministries of Ten Thousand Men to draw the Australian Christian community together, with strong support coming from all denominational leaders. The NATIONAL GATHERING was, according to police reports, attended by fully 40 – 50, 000 Christians, more people than attended the official opening itself.

Creation Science

Following a disclosure that the anti-creationist lobby in Australia, was being marshaled primarily by groups connected with Humanist, Socialist and Communist spawned parent bodies in the United States and elsewhere, the Alliance resolved to take a closer look at issues surrounding the creation /evolution debate.

An extended evaluation of the scientific, theological, social and long term political Implications of the creation/evolution controversy has been undertaken, along with a detailed investigation of the principle individuals and groups involved with the anti-creationist movement In Australia and the United States.

A two year in depth investigation has caused NACL to conclude that the creation /evolution Issue involves far more than science. This has far-reaching religious, social and political Implications not only in regard to the future wellbeing of the Christian faith,