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The NATIONAL ALLIANCE OF CHRISTIAN LEADERS, NACL, was formed in Goulburn New South Wales, Australia, in March 1985. Christian organisational leaders from around Australia came together at the Youth With A Mission base to formulate a new body, or national alliance, that would provide Christians with leadership training and skills, and encourage Christians to use these leadership skills to serve the Christian Community and the nation, at every level. This new national body was initially known as the National Alliance For Christian Leadership. Appropriately called NaCl. For like salt, NACL was to act as a preservative for Christian values and ideals in national life and culture.

Australia needed not just a body for developing Christian leaders, but also a national structure to facilitate the coming together of Christian organisational leaders, to work together towards shared objectives. The National Alliance For Christian Leadership became the National Alliance of Christian Leaders, sponsor of the annual NATIONAL ASSEMBLY OF CHRISTIAN LEADERS. This assembly has been a decisive factor in bringing organisational leaders together around the nation, around the region, and around the world.

As a consequence, key national events were jointly planned and facilitated. This included the National Gathering, which brought over 50,000 Christian from across Australia to celebrate the opening of the new Federal PARLIAMENT HOUSE, more than attended the official opening by the Queen. (see key Events.)

NACL is committed to the preservation and protection of religious liberty, was instrumental in the founding of the Religious Freedom Institute Incorporated which functioned for over ten years until other groups were established comprising lawyers and human rights advocates committed to defending Christian liberties; To protect the rights of individual Christians, Churches, Church schools, home schools and other Christian bodies, to operate without undue and discriminatory state intrusion; To preserve free speech and the right of public expression of ones religious belief in the public domain.

These values are now in the Canberra Declaration which Dr Graham McLennan launched on the lawns of our Commonwealth Parliament House on 23 July 2010.

NACL Goals

To help bring Australia to Christ by:

  • Networking Christian Leaders across Australia
  • Helping Leaders get a renewed sense of commitment to goals
  • Informing Leaders of current issues* and what Christian Ministries are doing throughout Australia
  • Helping Leaders see the big picture and the part they play in the whole of the body of Christ in Australia

 “If I profess with the loudest voice and clearest expression every portion of the truth of God’s word except precisely that little point which the world and the devil are at the moment attacking, then I am not confessing Christ, how boldly I may say I am professing Christ.”

Martin Luther